Saturday, January 04, 2014

Anderson at 9 Months

 I cannot believe my baby is already nine months old.  He's been out of my belly as long as he was in it! 

At nine months Anderson is....
  • Crawling like it's his job.  Anderson started crawling right before 8 months and he is good at it!  He gets faster every day.
  • He is starting to pull himself up to a standing position.  We've seen him doing it four or five times.  He's not exactly stable in a standing position, but I bet he'll be walking before his first birthday.
  • He has said "mama" quite a bit and "dada" once but he has no idea what he's saying when he says it. He's said "mama" to me; he's said it while he's eating; he's said it to the TV. I think it means everything. He does "talk" a lot; it just has no meaning.  :)
  • He has four teeth - two up and two down.
  • He continues to like all foods we've given him as long as they're pureed.  He doesn't exactly like the texture of real food and usually chews and chews it and then winds up spitting it out.
  • He's just a happy kid.  He smiles pretty much all the time and laughs a lot (I have a video of this I'll be posting next week).
Happy nine months, kiddo!

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