Thursday, January 16, 2014

Swimming Lessons

Man, I started off so strong in the new year with blogging every day.  I had ever intention of keeping that up and then BAM!  I'm like a week and a half behind.  If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

We put Anderson in swim lessons as soon as we could, which for us was after 6 months old.  He goes to a parent/child class at the Y once a week for a half hour.  Dave and I both attend with him.  For the class we sing a bunch of songs that have motions in the water, like "I'm a little teapot", which gets the kiddos to stick their ears in the water.  We also work on kicking and scooping our arms.  Anderson looks like he may be pretty good at butterfly or breaststroke.  Finally, at the end of each class the kids work on jumping off the wall and going all the way under. 

Anderson has loved swim lessons.  He hasn't cried at all.  He does get a little fussy every once in a while but that's mostly because swim lessons butt right up to his bedtime and he gets pretty tired.  He doesn't fuss when he goes under the water and has even started sticking his face in the water when he "swims".  I'm hoping this is a lifelong love of swimming.


Jamie said...

I love this pic. He looks so happy and comfortable under water.

And you look damn fit too! That makes me happy since I know you were concerned about your post-pregnancy weight/fitness.

Betsy said...

So cool that he just knows to hold his breath! I wonder what it looks to open your eyes under water as a baby...isn't their vision and depth perception different at that age?