Sunday, January 05, 2014

Week in Review

    Scheduled - Rest Day
    Actual - 1 hour progressive run on treadmill (didn't get the run in on previous day). 6.25 miles

    Scheduled - Short run with pickups and core work
    Actual - Nothing, nada, zip, zilch

    Scheduled: 5K race
    Actual: 5K race, duh!  Read about it here.

    Scheduled: 30 minutes of biking
    Actual: 30 minutes on the bike trainer. 5.45 miles.  Yes I suck on the bike.  We established that a long time ago.

    Scheduled: Rest day
    Actual: Rest day

    Scheduled: Short run warm up and core work
    Actual: 20 minute warm up run, core work, 10 minutes cool down run. 3.0 miles

    Scheduled: 50 minute heart rate run
    Actual: 50 minute heart rate run on the treadmill.  Ugh!  Heart rate training is so frustrating for me.  I hate going slow but understand enough the science behind it to know that it works.  5 miles.

    Bike - 5.45 miles
    Run - 17.35 miles
    Strength - 0.75 hours

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