Monday, March 10, 2014

Beautiful Sunset Run

Some people like to run at sunrise; I like to sleep in.  :)

After grumbling and stomping my feet all day yesterday about not wanting to do my run, I finally got my buns out the door around 5:45pm...for an hour and 40 minute run.  Even with the time change, I was probably going to run out of daylight.

Dave and Anderson joined me for the first 4.3 miles of the run.  We've experienced a heat wave around here, mid-40s wooo hooo!!!, so Dave put together the bike trailer.  We bundled up Anderson really good and they came along for moral support.  Unfortunately, it was too cold for Dave (Anderson was just fine) so that's why they didn't join me for the whole run.

I started out the run pretty conservatively, 9:45s.  My only instructions for the day were to run easy so that's what I intended to do.  But with each mile I kept picking up the pace.  And I felt terrific!!!  Mile 9 was an 8:05; mile 10 - 8:03.  I ended the run with 11 miles in 1:34:04 before I ran out of daylight.  But not before I got to see this:


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Val said...

Gorgeous! Your baby, I mean. The sunset's nice, too. ;) Hehehe!