Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Things I Love...Amy!!!

I'm starting a new segment on the blog called "Things I Love".  I have done some product reviews in the past, but I wanted to expand upon that and just tell you about all the things I love.  It could be running related, it could be baby related, it could be whatever.

Today I am going to talk about my favorite blogger, Amy.

I used to read a lot of blogs.  I had the time.  I had the patience.  I don't have time or patience anymore.    Also, I get really tired of the "super-popular" blog that is philosophical, supposedly a resource of all things running/triathlon, and gets free stuff all the time to review or giveaway.  I like to read about real runners, with real jobs and real lives.

I have been reading Amy's blog, 26point2ers, since it was Amy and April.   I loved reading about their race adventures from 5Ks to ultras.  Soon the blog became just Amy's and the snark was awesome.  What I love about Amy is that she isn't afraid to hide behind her blog.  She says what's on her mind and it usually involves a four letter word and an amazing animated gif.  Amy's also real with her running.  She has gone from being a participant to being a runner to be reckoned with.  Amy has tried and tried and tried to qualify for Boston and has come so close.  I root for her from afar and my heart breaks for her when she falls short.  I tell her all the time, she's gonna get it.  And she will and I'll be cheering loudly.

Amy and I got to meet a few years ago when we both did the Bourbon Chase.  After 24 hours of running and a little bit of awe on both sides of the meeting we had a short awkward chat.  I'm convinced, though, if we ever lived remotely close to each other we'd be total BFFs.  :)

I nominated Amy for Salty Running's Greatest Women's Running Blog.  She's up against a heavy hitter, one of those blogs.  Please go out and support Amy.  Read her blog, cheer her on, and vote vote vote!

Love you Amy!!!


Carina said...

Just voted. I found your blog (and several others that I follow) through Amy's. Couldn't agree more!

Amy said...

OMG!!! Meredith!!!! YOU are the best. Thanks so much!

And I can say without a doubt... we would totally be BFFs and running partners (if you didn't mind dragging me behind you)!