Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday's Merchandise: FitBit


I have always been give or take about my Garmin.  I enjoy having the awareness when I train about pace and heart rate, but honestly, I prefer to just run with a stop watch during a race. 

Last week I bought myself a FitBit Charge HR with money I had been saving.  And I've got to tell you, I freakin' love it!  I love having all the stats: steps, heart rate, calories, sleep, water, food intake, etc.  I must check the app one million times a day!  I've even been pretty diligent at tracking my food so I know if calories in is less than calories out.  I have to get those six pounds off I gained this summer!  I also love that I can set a silent alarm (there is nothing more jarring than being startled by a loud alarm clock).  I used it for the first time on Saturday to get up for work and it was AWESOME!

The only "con" I've noticed is that the accuracy of the distance traveled is way different than my Garmin.  This morning I went out for a 50 minute run.  My Garmin said I traveled about 5-1/4 miles which is probably about right.  My FitBit said I had gone less than 5 miles.  Of course, it's basing it on steps and not GPS.  Either way, it probably doesn't matter since it uses your heart rate to determine calories burned.

Whatever.  I freakin' love it.  And I'm sure it's going to take no time to convince the husband he should have one too.  Gosh darn technology!  You're so cool!

Do you have a FitBit or a VivoFit or something like that?  Do you love it as much as I do?


Nick Frerman said...

My wife and I are completely obsessive about it to the point that we determine whether the other person is "cheating" by taking extra steps by mowing the lawn, or taking an extra walk at work. We train with Garmin, but much prefer the app environment of fitbit and the community. Recently fitbit started challenges on the app. This has been really fun to connect with some new people and challenge them instead of it just being a household competition.

Have any awesome records yet? My best day ever was just over 35K steps.

Carina said...

I have the Garmin 225, which I occasionally wear while not running now as it tracks steps and stuff. 19,806 so far today -- since it counted my 9+ mile run this morning, plus it says almost 3 of walking (airport day today). I used to wear a jawbone but I stopped.