Tuesday, December 01, 2015

November Totals

How is it December already?  I blinked and it's suddenly winter.  And as awesome as it is that I have nationals behind me and worlds to look forward to, I'm really struggling with motivation and juggling it all.  I'm not working a ton of hours but I work nearly every day.  There was a stretch this month where I worked 12 days in a row.  I work in the evenings which is my favorite time to workout and therefore, I usually wind up skipping my workout instead of doing it earlier in the day.  Or things just get crazy.  Like yesterday I worked 7 hours at the pool.  I should get 20 minutes down every 20-40 minutes.  During this time I planned on swimming and putting together a whole workout in separate segments.  Unfortunately, things didn't turned out as planned.  During my morning work schedule, the lap lanes were completely packed.  There was no way to fit me in.  Once I did find 20 minutes available, I discovered I didn't have my cap and goggles.  Then during my evening shift, 4 hours worth, I only was out of the chair or not teaching a class a total of 30 minutes.  During that time I cleaned up and ate my dinner.  I had good intentions yesterday but put nothing into practice.

Excuses no more.  December, it's on!!!

Swimming - 16,850 yards ~ 9.6 miles
Seriously, I should be swimming this much nearly every week.

Running - 55.55 miles

Y Visits - 10
Cost Per Visit - $3.76
This is deceiving since I, personally, do not have a payment for my individual Y membership.  So this is basically Anderson at child watch or Dave if he's just doing whatever.  Plus I'm at the Y probably 10 times a week!

I need your help.  I need your motivation.  Leave me a note with a cheer!


middleagedrunner said...

I think the short dark days are very de Motivating! Plus, holidays blah blah blah.
December is a great time to hit restart, excercise is key to keeping sane thru the new year!
Get after it lady, go kick some ass!

Carina said...

All I can say is, I hear ya. Be consistent, show up, all that stuff that you know works.

Anne said...

Strava- seriously I am going to write a blog post about it.