Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Anderson and Mommy Adventures

{Peers out the window at the snow falling}

It really hasn't been a bad winter.  It's not been all that cold; it hasn't snowed a lot; the roads haven't been terrible.  And yet, I feel like this has been the longest winter of my life.  Dragging the kiddo around and wrestling him into his winter coat (which he hates) has caused me to be a recluse.  The problem with being a recluse with a nearly three year old boy is that all I play is trains and trucks and watch hours and hours of Thomas.  Ugh!

A few weeks ago I implemented "Anderson and Mommy Adventures" which would help us get out of the house and do something different.  So far, we've gone on two adventures.  The first was toddler time at a local roller rink.  Each Tuesday you can bring your toddler for free and let him/her skate, play, and run around for an hour and a half.  We put on skates for all of about three minutes, and then he decided he would rather play with the toys and run around.

Today we went and played at a local community center where they have an awesome pool play area.  I had done my research and knew the price and yet I screwed up and didn't look to see if there were specific times available at the pool.  So when we got there we only had a half hour left of play time.  What was nice, though, is that they prorated my fee and we still got to play for a little bit.  Anderson had a great time pulling the levers and cranking the wheels and of course, splashing me.  I, of course, fell down the stairs and hurt myself.  Typical.

I don't know what next week will bring.  Maybe one of those trampoline parks?  Maybe ice skating (brr)?  Where do you like to adventure with your little ones?

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