Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Bad Boys, Bad Boys

Saturday we got pulled over by the cops.  We were not even two miles from our house.  A police woman had pulled out behind us.  Dave was super careful to go the speed limit so we thought it was a little odd when she put her lights on and pulled us over just down the road.

"Did you know you're tags are expired?  Is your birthday in December?"

Dave has not had to get a new license since we moved so the state believes he still lives at our old address.  Therefore, we never received our update about our license plate tags, and therefore, Dave did not update them in December on his birthday.  He thought he had updated them for two years.

"Can I have your license and insurance card?"

I got out the insurance card and it was expired.  Awesome.  Our new ones were obviously sitting at home.  Luckily, she was able to look this up because it is the same insurance.

In the end we got off with a warning but had to drive around for another two days before the BMV was open and we could get new tags.  She told us we may get a ticket in that time.  And funny enough we were both followed by cops in those two days. 

As of Monday, we're no longer fugitives from the law.

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