Friday, April 01, 2016

Tossing My Cookies

This morning I hit the track while the little one was at preschool.  I didn't have a terribly long or difficult track workout: warmup, plyometrics, a few short sprints, and cool down.  The main set was 7 x 200 with decreasing recovery intervals, starting at 90 seconds and going down to 15 seconds.  I got my head out of the way and tackled this workout.  I stopped for nothing.  Rock in my shoe?  Keep going.  Snot on the face?  Keep going.  Super thirsty?  Keep going.  I was super consistent with my sprints, knocking out all of them at just under a 6:00 pace.  The last interval was super tough.  Fifteen seconds rest?  I barely stopped and then I was sprinting again.  I pushed and pushed and when I finished that booger, I tossed my cookies right there on the track.  Coach was so proud.  What a great workout.

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Carina said...

Haha, yow! Way to get it done, take care of yourself though!