Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I Got Locked Out

Sunday I did my long run.  It was an hour and 25 minutes.  While away, the husband took the boy to the park for a "nature walk."  I figured they were going to the local metro park as they had asked me to go with them and run there.  I took a key just in case they weren't back in time.

I finished the run, walked up to the door, opened it, and BAM!  The freakin' security chain was on.  Oh crap!  And they weren't home yet.  I sat down on the front step thinking they would be home shortly.  The waiting became longer.  I took out the newspaper and read some article.  They still weren't home.  I went through the ads and picked out the coupons for the week.  Still not home.  My stomach started tossing and turning (as it does after most runs anymore).  I worried I was going to have to find a hiding spot on my property and drop trough.  Still not home.  I moved into the sunshine.  I was getting cold.  I looked at my watch.  I had finished my run an hour ago.  Where the hell were they???  Oh yeah, I should mention, I didn't have my phone with me.  I don't carry one when I run (safe, right??).

Finally, they came home.  Dave knew as soon as he pulled in the driveway what had happened.  Guess we'll be going to the Home Depot this week to get one of those garage door security pad thingies.


middleagedrunner said...

OMG this is TERRIBLE!!! I must admit that I laughed at your situation but only for a second. I always need to get back inside STAT after a run or I freeze! Sorry about your predicament!

Earl Mark said...

I have been locked out like that before and it was terrible! Especially when you realize that you have to go to the bathroom and your way in is blocked. I am glad you did not have to duck behind a bush! Getting a garage entry seems like a smart idea, I hope it worked out!