Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanks for Giving 4 Miler 2016

Like all warm blooded Americans who like to run, I too ran a race on Thanksgiving morning.  And I freakin' rocked it!

I didn't get much of a warm up in so I thought I would use the first mile as a warm up.  Well, if you consider a 7:13 mile a warm up then so be it.  The whole race would go this way.  I just kept catching people and zooming through the miles in the low 7:00s.  During the last mile I passed one of my high school coworkers who recently went to the state cross country meet.  WOAH!  The final time was 28:07, a 7:02 average (I had the course a little short, but hey, I'll take what they give me), and a 1:23 PR.  I finished 6th female and first in my age group. 

If you don't look like death at the finish line, you weren't running fast enough.  Also, how can you not feel fast when you're wearing a Team USA shirt from the world championships?

So in addition to working my ass off for the last year, I've made some serious nutritional changes in the last couple of weeks that have made a huge difference for my training, racing, and every day life.  More on those in the coming days.

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middleagedrunner said...

Wow good for you! I think I am the only runner in the world who didn't run a Thanksgiving day race... Hope you had a good holiday and enjoyed that pie!