Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Long Awaited Job Update

Back in July I posted about going back to work.  Well, I have been working.  I mean, going back to work full time at a big girl job.  At the time I had been offered a promotion at the Y to become our swim lesson coordinator.  It was a job I really wanted and knew I could do a good job at, but the hours would suck as would the pay.  So I told my boss I still wanted to be considered but that I was keeping my options open.  I thought I would be finding a job quickly as I was contacted by my previous employer about a new position, had an interview, and then I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  Finally I was told that the position was not going to be filled.

Foreshadowing: this would become a theme.

I decided to keep looking.  I sent out applications left and right.  I tweaked my resume.  My husband and I became experts at composing a cover letter.  About 95% of the time I couldn't get past the freakin' computer program that read my resume and immediately turned it down without it ever getting to the HR department.  Seriously, I got turned down for a job I was well qualified for within 12 hours.  I had a few interviews, one of which went amazingly well.  I was told at the interview that I would be coming back for a second interview.  I thought for sure that one was a lock.  Then two weeks later again I was told that they were not going to fill the position.  Disappointed.  Devastated.

And yet I kept looking.  In total I think I sent out over 25 applications.  I got turned down for all of them - except two.

I accidentally stumbled upon a position at a small company walking distance from my house.  I wasn't expecting a whole lot from it, but my interview went great and the very next day they gave me an offer.  I also got an interview at another company I had worked for before.

Although the second place probably would have been a better career choice, I took the offer from the small company.  Home, job, preschool, and daycare are all within two minutes of each other.  It's a good way for me to transition back into full time work and allow the little one to transition as well.  I start on Monday.  I'm nervous and I've cried a lot of tears about being a working mommy, but I'm pretty sure I've made the right choice.

Working moms, tell me I'm going to be alright.  Tell me my child is not going to be all screwed up because he's in daycare.  Tell me I've made the right choice.  Please!  I need some reassurance!

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ADC said...

It is going to be all right and Anderson is going to be just fine. Alex has been going to full-time day care since he was 12 months old and he loves it. An dour relationship is great. I still feel a lot of guilt because he is there the whole day and I really wish I could spend more time with him. But you going back to work is a good thing - it will make you think about what you really want to do and whether working is the way forward for you.