Wednesday, December 15, 2004

It's Freakin' Cold

Wouldn't you know, the week I'm allowed to return to running the weather switches from 50 degree to 20 degrees in the blink of an eye. Yesterday I was able to do a 20 minute walk and I chose to walk outside. I put on a base layer long sleeve shirt with a T-shirt over it and a fleece on top of that. I also wore tights and leg warmers. Yes, I wear leg warmers underneath my running tights sometimes. Well, they're not so much leg warmers as they are socks I've cut the toes out of and wear them like leg warmers. Lastly, I wore a hat and gloves. The walk was freakin' cold! It's not like running where you warm up quickly; I was pretty much cold the entire time. And this walking stuff sucks. My shins are sore from ankle to knee. One more day of just walking and then I can finally do some running.

Dave and I also attended a spinning class last night. Here's my issue. There's several people in the class who are obviously bikers. They've got the padded shorts, the fancy shirts, and the clip-in shoes. The thing is, these people come to the class and then do not follow the directions of the instructor. Why come to the class then? If you've got all that fancy stuff, I'm sure you've got a bike at home sitting in a trainer and could do your own thing at home. Plus, all these "experts" are bigger people and they always sit in front of me and they're butts jiggle around. Just kinda grosses me out.

In really good news, Mandy and Junior (Brian) had their baby on Tuesday. His name is Miles. How appropriate. The running group is making miles a great gift. I'll take pictures later on this week and post them, hopefully.

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michelle said...

That's too funny about the spinning class. The one and only time I attended one, it kicked my behind! Fortunately, it was a small class and everyone was pretty much into it, so I didn't have to look at any jiggling behinds in front!