Monday, March 07, 2005

Tough Run

Saturday's long run was really tough. The plan was to do 2-1/2 laps around Highbanks which is about 15 miles. Not only is this tough to do at any time because of the hills, it snowed a fair amount last week including Friday night and the trails were covered. Andrea, Dad, and I did the first three miles together but Andrea said she wasn't feeling it so she stopped and said she would do it on Sunday. Dad and I ran together until the next hill, but I went up it faster and then I had to run all the rest by myself. My stomach started hurting going up the big hill and I had trouble catching my breath the rest of the way. I stopped after one lap and Dad did the second lap. I didn't want to have to do the entire 15 miles again on Sunday, so I headed out again on Saturday afternoon and did an additional 8 miles. So, my mileage for Saturday was 14 miles and my mileage for the week was 31. This week ought to be a big week...20 miler on Saturday!


Andrea said...

yeah, I wasn't feeling it that day.. and I'd rather have a good run than struggle through one.. I actually went back home and slept til noon, and went back to bed at 10 or something, so obviously I needed my rest. I went back to highbanks the next day and did 12, I figured that counted as my 15 for the weekend. That put me at 35 for the week, which is my goal mileage.
My legs were really tired after the hills, which concerns me a bit, but hopefully it was just the conditions and Boston will feel different!

Chris said...

Sounds like you're really pushing through it, though. Great training efforts, and good luck on that 20.

I watched Boston last year and it was brutal due to the heat. You'll have a much better year of it this year.

Just think, all that suffering now will make Boston feel all that more do-able. (I didn't say "easy.")