Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thursday Thoughts--The Remix

I've been having a hard time coming up with 5 thoughtful questions every week. Last week I thought I did a good job, but they must have been "too hard" because hardly anyone answered them. This is the plan for this week. I'm going to ask one question. Then the first person who comments will answer that one question then ask one question of their own. The next person who answer the commenters question and then ask a question of their own. Get it? You answer a question; you ask a question. Pretty simple.

Here we go....

Where is one place you'd rather be right now?


Michelle said...

a tropical paradise?!?!?
what's your favorite Christmas memory?

Flatman said...

My first bike. :)

How many miles have you run this week?

Meredith said...

I have run 7.8 miles so far this week. My goal is 25.

What book are you reading right now?

Jason said...

I just finished "Lisey's Story" by Stephen "God" King, but must say that I did not enjoy it much. Next is "Hannibal Rising," the new Hannibal Lector book by Thomas Harris (it's not getting good reviews....maybe Harris has gone to the well too many times). After that, my brother is loaning me Michael Crichton's new one, "Next." I am HOPING that Dan Brown's long awaiting sequel to "The Da Vinci Code," supposedly called "The Solomon Key" comes out next year.

How many of the 50 states have you been to? (I've been to 37)

Andrea said...

I think I've been to 24? I've run marathons in 9.

Have you been dreaming of a White Christmas?

Dave said...

Literally? No. But wishing, yes.

What was the last restaurant you ate at?

Jason said...

The Hungry Bear!!!!! The best g*dd*m truckstop in northeast Ohio!!!

What band have you never seen in concert that you would kill to see??? (for me it's the original lineup of Van Halen).

Chad said...

Pantera, but that's impossible, so VH for me too.

What is the most disappointing Christmas present you ever received as a gift?

Meredith said...

Last year my mom got me one of those wrap around robe/towel things with shoulder straps and elastic around the chest part. It was hot pink with hearts. Yeah, I took it back.

What's your favorite Christmas carol/song?

Meredith's Mom said...

Meredith, you told me you LOVED that robe/towel/thing!!! And your father told me to get the one with hearts on it!!! He is going to be so heartbroken and I think I am going to cry!!!!

My favorite Christmas song is "Mistress for Christmas" by AC/DC.

Who is your all-time favorite Cleveland Brown?

Meredith's Dad said...

Meredith, I can't believe you returned that. Please come see me when you have a chance... we need to talk. I am going to go cry now.

Two Browns... Webster Slaughter because he had a cool name for a little guy. Courtney Brown because he came from PSU!

Question: Who is your favorite actor and actress?

Meredith's Sister said...

Mom and Dad were over today, crying their hearts out because Meredith didn't like her wrap around robe/towel things with shoulder straps and elastic around the chest part. It's never fun watching a grown man cry.

Robert De Niro used to be the greatest actor of all time, until he decided to just take any role for a paycheck. This would've been around 1999, when "Analyze This" came out. That movie sucked, and he's gone downhill fast since. But until 1999, I'd say De Niro is my favorite actor.

I honestly don't have a favorite actress though. I guess Jodie Foster?

When did you stop believing in Santee Claus?

Meredith's Other Sister said...

I can't believe how this robe has just ruined our Christmas Season and torn our family apart. Mom and Dad have never been so down. I just don't know where we, as a family go from here...

You're kidding, right? Santee Clause doesn't exist? I think that my parents double or triple "whammy'd" me with Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy all at once. I was like 21... kidding, probably about 10 years old I guess. I was only child so they let me believe a little longer.

What would your dream job be?

Meredith said...

You all are very funny. First of all, my mom usually posts anonymously; even though my dad is a software architect, he hasn't a clue about the internet and where to find my blog; I don't think my sister owns a computer; and I only have one sister!

I don't know exactly what my dream job would be but I'd love to do something associated with sports. I guess coaching the last six years has been a step in the right direction.

What are you going to have for lunch today?

the ghost of Meredith's great-grandfather said...

The sadness, anger and despair over the fact that my great-granddaughter hated her Christmas gift has even reached me from beyond the grave. Meredith, my child, you are tearing this family apart at the seams. There is only one way to save this family, and that is to wear your robe thing every day till spring!!! I, the ghost of your great-grandfather command you!!!

My dream job would be a weather forecaster in Yuma, Arizona. Every work day, I'd get up, get on TV, and say, "It's hot! The forecast: hot!" and collect a decent paycheck and be a local celebrity.

What am I doing for lunch? Nothing! I'm a ghost!!!!