Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thursday Thoughts

Here we go. I ask a question; the next person answers it and then asks a question. The second commenter answers the first commenter's question and then asks their own. And so on....

What present do you really want to get this holiday season?


Flatman said...

Hmmmm...I already have everything I could ever need. Want. I guess family unity would be nice. It seems there is always some sort of civil war brewing in our extended family!

Did you ever see mommy kissing Santa Clause?

Shelley said...

No, I never saw mommy kissing santa clause.

What will be the most important thing you do in 2007??

Jason said...

Nope, and that's an image I don't want in my head!!!

Do you believe in extraterrestrial intelligence? I'm not talking about microscopic, single-celled organisms; I'm talking about life forms that possess technology, culture, language, etc.

I do, but I don't believe the Earth has ever been visited by an alien civilization.

Meredith said...

Not a scientologist, so I don't believe in aliens.

I really don't know what the most important thing I'll do in 2007. I'm hoping by making the decision to coach again in 2007, will allow me to continue to be an influence in young people's lives. That's pretty important. Good question Shelley.

What is your favorite holiday movie?

Jason said...

I second that: good question, Shelley! I can't think of anything IMPORTANT I'm going to do that will be life-altering though. In fact, the only thing I have planned so far is a week-long vacation in Colorado in September.

Give me a week to think about this, though, and I'll try to answer next Thursday.

Now, now, don't have to be a deluded Scientologist to believe in alien intelligence. You just have to have an open mind. Don't you think it makes sense that intelligence would exist elsewhere in the universe, which is so vast that most humans cannot comprehend its size?

My favorite Christmas movie is "Black Christmas." It's a kind of obscure Christmas movie that was directed by Bob Clark, back in 1974. No one probably knows about it because nine years later, the same guy directed "A Christmas Story," which EVERYONE is aware of!! But I highly recommend his first Christmas movie, too!

Dave said...

I suppose I'd go with National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation as my favorite.

What is on your gift wrap this year?

Flatman said...

Man, I absolutely LOVE Christmas Vacation. Thanks for the reminder Dave. I will be renting that one tonight if it's in stock.

My gift wrap has Santa's and bells. (I wife does all the shopping and wrapping, thank God!)

Michelle said...

we have a variety; angels, pictures of presents, snowmen, a plaid design.

do you open any of your presents on Christmas eve, wait until Christmas morning, or do something different altogether?