Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thursday Thoughts

Yeah, I know. I'm a little late on this post today. But I've been really busy. I swear! Details in a later post.

Here's the rules in case you forgot. I'll ask a question and then you answer and ask a question of your own. Then the next person will answer that question. Easy enough? Let's get started.

What did you get for Christmas (or other holidays you may have celebrated)?


Runner Susan said...

oh this is fun.

I got a beautiful ornament from my daughter and a strand of pearls from my husband.

What is your main goal for the new year?

Flatman said...

My main goal for the new year is shedding this winter coat of fat that I have amassed.

Were you more sad when you heard the news about Gerald Ford or James Brown?

Jason said...

That's a tough question, flatman. Even though Meredith thinks I'm an old goat, both of these guys were before my time. I am admittedly not a fan of James Brown's music (I'm a lifelong metalhead), but he was in my second-favorite movie of all time, "The Blues Brothers." So, his death does sadden me. I knew next to nothing about Gerald Ford until he died, but since then I have learned a LOT after reading the plethora of news articles regarding him. He seemed like a genuine nice guy, and not your typical (i.e., crooked) politician. He never lusted after the Presidency; his ultimate goal was to be Speaker of the House.

But either way, both lived very full lives, and that is good. They weren't cut down in their prime, like the celebrity death that saddened more than any other celebrity death: "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott, murdered right here in Columbus just two years ago.

My question: do you think 2007 will be a better or a worse year than 2006?

Jason said...

Oh, and to answer MAIN goals, but I'd like to continue dabbling in the stock market. I had a GREAT 2006, investment-wise, and I hope to have an even better 2007. Of course, all kinds of external factors come into play, but still.

Also, like Meredith, I am also always looking to break personal records. I had a great 2006 in that regard also, setting new records in preacher curl (156 pounds), military press (235 but I need to double-check that one), shoulder shrug (6 reps of 315 pounds, but I sprained my wrist in the process!!!), and squat (425 pounds....only 100 pounds less than Holley Mangold, but I did six reps as opposed to her single rep).

Val said...

I think 2007 will be full of new friends and fun places. (We've been in the same house for 14 months now, which means a move will be announced anytime now =P) Would be nice to gain more muscle and endurance. No goals, really. Just taking life as it comes ;) "They call me mellow yellow... "