Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Extraordinar-Wii Fun

For Christmas Dave got me a Wii game, but no Wii console. For weeks he's been searching for one and yesterday we actually found one. It's quite a story, but I'm going to make Dave tell it on his blog.

The Wii uses wireless controllers and the action you make with your controller is the action that takes place on the screen. In addition, you get to create your own characters, called Miis, which you can personalize to become anyone you want. I called mine Little Mer. The controllers have two parts, one part is the "main controller" and the other is called the nunchuck, which contains a joystick.

The system came with one controller and nunchuck and we had already purchased another control and nunchuck, so we were ready to go. The game that comes with the system has sports games on it like tennis, golf, baseball, bowling, and boxing. In addition I have a doctor game where you get to operate.

Dave and I started with tennis, which is the only game I won the whole night. One person serves while the other person returns. You can lob and hit volleys. We didn't try overheads, but I'm sure you can hit those too. The next game we played was bowling which was totally awesome. Dave won, but it was probably my favorite game we played. We also played golf, where you hit like you normally would. Dave was even for the 3-hole course and I was about +12. I suck! That was the most difficult skill level game. Finally we played boxing where you use both parts of the controller. You can block your body and your head. You can duck and weave. You can throw body punches and head punches. And it was totally awesome! I was sweating like I was running a marathon. And today my arms are really sore. I can't wait to play more.

Now I'm not a gamer and won't become a gamer, but the Wii is the best thing out right now. Fun for the whole family. I hope to take some pictures and post them tomorrow of us playing. It's a trip.


Flatman said...

I (and my son) want one of these, but I told myself we would wait til next Christmas...

Meredith said...

You might be able to find one easier next Christmas than right now.