Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thursday Thoughts

Do I really need to explain this yet another Thursday? Answer a question, ask a question. Simple as that. Fun, fun, fun!

And because my new Wii is soooo much fun, my question will be....

What is your favorite videogame?


Flatman said...

Ohhh...that's a tough one.

If you had asked me 20 years ago, I would have screamed out CENTIPEDE!

But nowadays, playing with my son on his Gamecube, it would have to be Mario Kart - Double Dash or Madden '07.

My question: What was the first video game system you ever owned (age check)?

jeff said...

gaming system? oh man...if those LED football games don't count, then i have to answer with the first generation atari. we bought pong when it first came out.

okay, let's switch from video games. what's your favorite board game?

Meredith said...

Jeff's alive! He's alive. Welcome back Jeff. It's been a while.

I haven't played a board game in a really long time, but my favorite as a kid was probably Life. My friend Holly and I used to play it for hours on end. When we'd end it, we'd start again. We would pretend that we were marrying famous people or boys in our class. And whenever we had an opportunity to have a child, we would. We would just pile them in the vehicles. Hilarious! I'll have to remind her of this.

To continue with the gaming theme...what's your favorite card game?

Holly Hicks said...

I love the card game Skipbo. Remember how much we played that Meredith?

Holly Hicks said...

What's your favorite game to play while driving?

Val said...

My favorite driving game is soon going to become "who can be the quietest?" LOL

What is your favorite ice cream? (All this playing is making me hungry!)