Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Finally, Some Good News

Yesterday I received an e-mail from a publishing company asking permission to use one of my photographs in a book about Ohio State fans. The picture will be the front picture for a chapter about OSU's female fans. In exchange, I will receive two copies of the book when it is published in September. I have even been sent the chapter along with my photograph in it.

Of course, I agreed. For a long time I have been wanting to get serious about my photography. Hopefully this is the kick in the pants I need. I'm provide more information once the book is published. I should also note, Dave did a ton of work on this picture to make it look the way it did. I simply took four self portraits.


Jason said...

That is so cool. That is an awesome photo though. Of course it is, or else that dude wouldn't have put it in the book.

Val said...

I love it. Scott, naturally, will want a poster of it. Hehe! ;) Miss you! Please hug Manoj for us! =(

J. & Ashley said...

Too small! Post it bigger so we can see all of Dave's wizadry in full force! Go BUCKS!