Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Italy, Switzerland, and How We Wound Up in Brooklyn

June 8

See the pictures here. (I'm still uploading pictures. Give me a break! There's 550 of them!)

Today we boarded a train and journeyed to Lucca. Lucca is a fortified city with a giant wall still surrounding the town. The wall used to be used for protection, but now it is a park. Mostly we went to the town to eat and do some shopping. Lunch was at Bica di Sant’Antonio, where I had meat ravioli and pork chop with potatoes. Dave had cheese ravioli with zucchini and guinea fowl. We split a vanilla frozen yogurt with berries for dessert. In Lucca I bought two beautiful pashminas—one for my sister and one for myself. They were 100% cashmere and only 10 euros a piece. We did some more shopping once we got back to Florence. I bought myself a beautiful leather purse and Dave bought his grandmother some leather gloves. In the evening we bought some gelato and made our way up to the park to watch the sun set over Florence--a beautiful last night in Florence. Tomorrow we leave for Rome.

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Jason said...

Meredith, you have to archive these blogs somewhere for at least two or three years. If (IF!!!) the old lady and I go to Italy by then, I will definitely want to read these again, for pointers, ideas, etc.