Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monday Adventures

Yesterday was full of crazies and Dave and I were included.

The locker room at our gym has a digital scale. A woman got on the scale yesterday and stood for one minute or more staring at it. Now, I don't think she was in disbelief at the weight, she was waiting on the tenths to stop moving. The funny part was, she did this three different times. What cracked me up is that it looked like she was waiting on the weight to jump off her. Dude, those tenths aren't going to stop moving. You're breathing!!!

Dave and I got in the pool about 5:20pm. As soon as we got in the lifeguard put the sign out that our lane and the lane beside ours would be unavailable starting at 6:00 for water aerobics. I knew I could get my workout done, but Dave wasn't so sure. I finished my workout with about 10 minutes to go and Dave said he thought he was going to make it. As soon as I got out of the pool, however, the lifeguard was over undoing the lane lines and the class began moving into the pool with Dave. I approached the lifeguard and told her that Dave was almost done and that he was going to be done by 6:00. I said, if the lane was only available until 5:50 that the sign should have reflected it. She said not to worry. That Dave would be able to finish his workout. But, the class moved in and Dave splashed around them (and splashed them purposely too). What made me mad after all this was that this class not only pushy, only had three people in it and they took up two lanes. I kid you not, there were nearly 12 people waiting on a lane when Dave finished.

I went into the locker room and it was packed. I opened my locker and began to dry off and change. Let me do a little explaining. There are upper and lower lockers, which are pretty sizable. I always choose a lower locker because, well, I'm too short to reach the hooks in the upper lockers. As I'm disrobing this gigantor woman walks into my row and opens the upper locker two down from mine. She decides she doesn't like that one and opens the one right above mine. Now, I know I'm short, but I'm not invisible. She decides she doesn't like that one and then opens the upper one right beside me. She then looks at me and says, "I'm sorry." What the hell? Did you not notice me standing there? She then left all three of those lockers open and then went to another row to find another one. Wow!

Finally, Dave and I finish off the crazies. As much of the midwest and east coast this winter we have had a TON of snow. We have had snow on our lawn for the entire month of February which is just unheard of in Columbus. Yesterday we got some rain which began to melt the snow. Being that everything is frozen, Dave and I worried a little about our sump pump and our basement. Monday morning Dave did a little digging around the curbs to find the drain that goes from our sump pump to our street. He didn't find it before he went to work. When we came home from the gym we checked the basement and the walls were damp and the floor was changing colors. Despite our sump pump running, we needed to find that drain. After dinner (say around 9:30pm) Dave headed outside and began digging the snow again. By 10:00pm he still hadn't found the drain and he had almost gone the length of our yard along the curb. With my pajamas on, I put on my boots, hat and gloves and headed out to help. I took the flashlight and continued to help Dave look. At 10:30, I called my dad and asked for some help. He told us exactly where it should be, we dug there and nothing. With my dad on the phone we dug around our whole house and found nothing. NOTHING!! What? We were (and still are) completely stumped. Luckily, despite us being in the street, digging in the middle of the night, no one called the cops. :)

Maybe it was a full moon last night?


Dave said...

You can't prove that I splashed them on purpose!

E.L.F. said...

Do we swim at the same pool? I have never understood the purpose of 3 people running and jumping in the "swimming" pool to take up 2 lanes. They do this at our gym too.

Val said...

Full moon isn't until Sunday, so expect a little more craziness before things settle down ;)

Too bad nobody DID call the cops- maybe they could have helped figure out where your missing drain is! How's the basement faring?