Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

My friends made up a word in college: "not-a-girl". A "not-a-girl" is a girl who is somewhat tomboy and not really girly-girl at all. My college friends all claimed themselves to be "not-a-girls" but claimed me to be girly-girl. What? Their explanation, I was the only girl in the group who wore lip gloss or any makeup at all. Since that time, they've all gone on to have babies and I've gone on to pursue athletics. I would like think this definitely makes me a "not-a-girl" but in their eyes I'm still girly-girl. With Facebook as our form of communication now, my friends are finding out things about me like I like to blow snot rockets while running and yes I have talent enough to pee on myself while competing.

Just this week I had dinner with a friend from college who always thought of me as a girly-girl. He said, Meredith, I thought you were the one who always needed to shower and be made up. I think so differently of you now. :)

What's something about yourself that would shock your friends?


Greyt Times said...

LOL - that's funny. The whole conversation of "so, what do you do if you have to pee?" eventually creeps into people's minds and suddenly they see you in a whole new light. But I think the things you do in training and racing shouldn't count towards overall girly-ness.

Judi said...

i don't think you wanna know. :)

D said...

"not-a-girl"? So basically you're calling yourself a boy. I will take "low maintenance" over "not-a-girl" any day.

Carole Sharpless said...

*laugh* This is a great post... Some people (like you) look good regardless of the work it to took to get there. I hate girls like you. :)

What would surprise MY friends? That I actually AM a girl.... :)

Cheers, Speedy!