Monday, February 08, 2010

Staying on Task

I recently read "Born to Run". It's a book about ultrarunning, a true life story about a tribe in Mexico, some of the best ultra runners in the US, and a race between them. A lot of people have interpretted this book to be about barefoot running. That's not what I got AT ALL from this book. To me the book was about the simplicity of running and why we do it, how natural running is, and the absolute love for it. Between reading this book and reading the most recent Runner's World magazine, I realized how much I miss running.

One part of the book that really struck me was about how over time humans became sedentary and how hard it is to get back running or doing any exercise after time off. I work out 6 days a week and LOVE my one day off, but even just one day off makes it difficult for me to get back on track the next day. When marathons were my game, I could fake my way through workouts. I would switch things around to better suit me or blow off workouts when I didn't want to do them. Now that I'm training for Ironman, though, I feel like I just can't do that. I've really been working hard this month to stay on track, do all my workouts, and do them on the days they are assigned and as they are assigned. This has required EXTREME discipline for me.

No matter how many marathons I've done, the distance never scared me. Ironman scares me. Like, seriously scares me. Therefore, I'm really going to make it my goal to stay on task. Swim, bike, run, eat, sleep, rinse, repeat.


Melissa said...

Cool! I'm doing my first IM next year. When is your IM and which one are you doing?

Yes, I too only ran the marathon as well. I think I got bored. Tri training is the opposite. Scary, challenging, and uncomfortable. It's just what we need to reach new heights!!

Sara Cox Landolt said...

I want to read that book sometime soon. I have probably as many running books as tri books right now.

IM distance is intimidating. I think it should be? Great approach & dedication, exactly what's needed.