Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ironman Training has Officially Begun

Ironman training has officially begun. Yes, yes, I started training last November, but I like to think that was all training for the half Ironman. Now that that race is over, it's time to fully concentrate on Ironman. This week is no joke. My biggest week to date has been around 13 hours. This week? 14-1/2 hours. This week I will do my longest bike ride - 5 hours. This week I will do my longest swim - 3700 meters. This week I will put aside pain and tired and look at the big picture.

To be successful this week, I got organized. First, Dave and I wrote down our workouts so that we knew who had what workouts when.

Knowing that we would be HUNGRY (like the wolf) this week we stocked the refrigerator with pre-made vegetable and fruit salads, along with some Ensure for recovery.

Finally, Dave and I set three goals:
  1. Be in bed by 11:00pm every night.
  2. Get up to our alarm at 7:00am (yep, we don't get up very early). That way I can be working out by 8:00am (when I like to work out) and Dave can get to work earlier so he can get out earlier to finish his workouts by a decent time in the evening.
  3. Eat in. This will save time and money and will be more nutritious.
We've started the week off right. Let's hope the plan and organization sticks.


E.L.F. said...

You guys are so cute! Stay organized, stay focused and above all HANG IN THERE. These next 8 weeks will be TOUGH but so short compared to all the work you have done leading up to this point. Don't look too far ahead in the schedule (which is also a good mantra for the race) - take it one day at a time, one workout at a time.

ADC said...

Very organised!!!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I like what the two of you have done, I need to do this, I did earlier this year, but things got all out of whack, know time to regroup alittle.

I love the idea of prepacking the fruits and veggies.

TRI TO BE FUNNY-Carrie Barrett said...

Yep--you were made for Ironman training. Pre-packaged fruit salad?! Damn--don't show my husband.