Friday, August 13, 2010

Foto Friday - A Poll

This post is for the ladies. Dudes, you're not going to understand or care. :)

Girls, I've had bangs for the last 2+ years. I have thought about and tried growing them out, but really, I have no patience. Plus, I hate a side-swept bang (so annoying!!!). I have currently not cut my bangs in approximately 8 weeks. With all the swimbikerun, it is too time consuming to always stop and fix my hair, which is what you have to do when you have bangs. But, I'm starting to hate my forehead again (he he!) which is the whole reason why I cut my bangs in the first place. So, to cut or not to cut? What do you think? Convenience or stylish?


M said...

mmmmm...this is such a good question.

see, i have recently become a "bang" girl. i have a huge forhead and have tried the bangs before but have numerous failed attempts. finally i found a stylist that actually made my bangs work, instead of just clump to the side (which i too find super annoying). now, ever since i cut them, i can't believe i ever walked around with my massive forhead without them.

however, you look really good both ways. I really like the bangs look on you. But if you go without the bangs, it really works with the shorter cut. wow, that's a really indecisive suggestion, huh?

if i had my vote, i would say "bangs."

Karen said...

That is a tough one... I am a "bang" girl myself. I have thought many times myself it would be easier to have no bangs for the purposes of running/tennis/biking/swimming. I have a pumpkin head so I hide it behind bangs. :)

You look good in your pics both ways which makes it hard to vote. I might give the edge to the bangs.

Michelle said...

I agree, both look good on you, but I think I like the no bangs better. However, since you're making a funny face in the bangs picture, I'm not sure if that's a fair assessment. Anyway, sounds as if you won't go wrong either way, so go for convenience at this point!!

Anonymous said...

I like the shape of your face so I vote no bangs - but then again I'm a no bangs gal!

NadiaMac said...

hope it isn't weird if a lurker comments, but your question resonated with me as a lifelong bangs-ambivalent person who has always had bangs! You look good 3with and without. So go for it if you want to grow them in and avoid the hassle of bangs for a while