Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ironman and Rev3: A Comparison

I've run a lot of marathons and they've ranged in size from small (Towpath) to medium (Columbus) to large (Boston) to OMG! (Chicago). My favorite type of marathon is on the larger size. I like the spectacle of it. I like it to be an event instead of just a weekend run. I like traveling to the race and making it a vacation.

Having experienced both Ironman and a non-Ironman iron distance event this year, I would say the opposite is for triathlon for me. Ever since I tiptoed into triathlon years ago I have found the sport to be unbelievably intimidating. I think it's the equipment. I lovingly refer to triathletes as sheep. Yes sheep. :) Triathletes tend to follow trends and hold onto them very tightly. The gajillion dollar bikes. The compression socks. The sperm helmets. If they can afford it, they've got it. The other part that's been intimidating to me is the speed at which triathletes can bike. Seriously, how can you do that? Oh yeah, I know. You can't run. :) See you on the run, sucka!

Anyway, getting back to Ironman and Rev3. There were things I liked and thought needed work for both races.

Ironman Likes:
  • Community supported. I'm convinced that a large portion cheering on the course were not family and friends of those doing the race.
  • Volunteers aplenty. More volunteers than racers. 'Nuff said.
  • Established. There will be another Ironman.
Ironman Dislikes:
  • Having to decide a year in advance if you want to do the event with no escape plan.
  • To me, it's a big spectacle that makes a person like me very, very nervous.
  • Corporate greed. 'Nuff said. :)
Rev3 Likes:
  • Small and friendly. It felt like a hometown race instead of a big spectacle.
  • Not as many volunteers as IM, but friendly and super-knowledgeable.
  • Family friendly. Yep, you can cross that finish line with the ones who supported you.
  • There's a half option if that full is just too much for you.
  • The swag is much better and FREE!
Rev3 Dislikes:
  • Not as many volunteers so there weren't things like wetsuit strippers.
  • Not every aid station had everything.
  • The finish line was fabulous, however, I'm not really sure why it had to be IN the amusement park. For those of us who didn't have park passes, it wasn't very accessible and not a lot of space to watch.
With all this said, IF I decided to tri again next year it will be at Rev3 Cedar Point. I was much less nervous there and felt at home. To each his own...


Laura Wheatley said...

Great post! I would add to Rev3 "likes" that they offer a half and AQUABIKE option...great for those of us who are injured but still want to race! :)

Melissa C said...

Great post! I don't know many who have been to both yet. Very helpful to me! While I can't say yet, perhaps I will see you next year at Cedar Point for a half????