Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Look at the great stuff Santa brought me this week. (And in September! He must think I've been extra good this year.)

1. Saucony's Heiress Softshell Jacket. For the last several years I've been wearing my Chicago Marathon jacket for pretty much every winter run I did. With as much running as I do outside in the winter, it was time to add another jacket to the fold. This one is going to be fantastic.

2. Two pairs of Saucony's ProGrid Omni 9. The Omni is my favorite running shoe. I have been wearing a pair of them for probably the last five years. If they ever discontinue this shoe, I might die.

3. A new Splish swimming suit. After nine months of swimming, I've gone through four swimsuits. I was down to one so I ordered a new one. This one makes me feel like I'm wearing Dorothy's ruby red slippers. So shiny!

In addition, I also replaced the folding chair I've been sitting on for the last ten years in my office with a brand new manager's chair. Movin' on up!


Jamie said...

Dorothy's swimsuit! HAHA. That is amazing. I love it.

Forward Foot Strides said...

Oooh nice presents! 10 years in a folding chair, I hope it was at least a comfy one!

Michelle said...

fun, fun!!!

Melissa C said...

I love the suit! So awesome!

Kiersten said...

There's no place like home!!!!