Sunday, October 03, 2010

Miscellany for Sunday

Registration is now open for Rev3 Cedar Point at a steeply discounted rate. This rate does not include tickets to the amusement park, but if you're a no-frills person like myself, this is a great opportunity. OR, if you'd like to have tickets to the park, it's cheaper to buy them than the regular price of the race. Head on over to Active to register today. Come join me at Cedar Point in 2011. *wink, wink*

My husband is tweaking his running form. Hop on over to his blog and tell him what you think.

And on the subject of running form...I've been thinking about the compression calf sleeves. Research has been conducted on compression gear and has found it to be effective post race/workout but the jury is still out to determine if it actually does anything during racing/working out. I have three pairs of compression socks and I only wear them during recovery. But, I've been contemplating the use of compression calf sleeves during running. See, I'm a prancer when it comes to running. I run mostly on my toes and forefoot with very little heal strike. This has helped me to become a lot faster, but it has also made my calves hurt all.the.time! While I run I will often stretch them out by throwing in a series of heal strikes to elongate the leg. I've been wondering if the compression sleeves would help this. Honestly, I'm so vain that I just don't want to wear them and look like all the other triathletes. I'm a runner, dang it! :)

Splish is 2-for-2 on sending me good looking grab-bag suits. What's a grab bag suit? Basically, you're picking blindly. You say "I want this style and this size" and they send you a suit. This one I adore.

I'm in the market for a new bike pump. See, I've got HED3 racing wheels that I've dubbed my "magic wheels". I love them, except I don't love pumping them up. Because they're tri-spokes, they've got a little notch cut out where the valve for the tube comes out of. It's nearly impossible for me to use my pump in this little tiny notch. I have a pump that is good for both presta and schraeder valves. I figured if I bought a pump that was only for presta valves this would solve my problem. Not only am I having a hard time finding this, it doesn't look like it's going to help. Then I went searching online and found this solution: a Hirame/Kuwahara pump head adapter. Problem is, I'm having trouble locating it and it's like $60. I can't guarantee it would even work with my pump which could cost me another handful of money to replace. I know HED makes pump adapters and valve extenders, but reading online there wasn't much good said about them. Anyone used them? Any thoughts?

And finally, I just finished a project that took me four years to compile and only 15 minutes to put together. I know, pathetic!

I hope this week was great for you. I took it as an off week. Back to some tri training next week and my first go-round with Cross Fit.


Laura Wheatley said...

The photo collage is so cool! Great idea!

Colleen said...

The phot is awesome and so is the suit! :)

I wish I had some advice on the pump front. We use valve extenders with our Flashpoints, but I know that they are totally different than the Hed3's.

So, you doing the full at Cedar Point???

tri like mary said...

I'm also a "toe runner" and have a pair of Zensah compression sleeves (in pink!) that I wore only for recovery. I tried them out on a 15k hilly run while I was out West (because I knew my calves would suffer) and my calves felt fresh throughout the run and recovery was quick! I say try them out.

Laura said...

I've used the 'crackpipe' to pump up disc wheels with some luck, but you usually have to have two people - one to hold the 'crackpipe' on and one to pump. I got mine as a hand-me-down from a friend, but I think they're only $20.

Love the photo collage idea!

Carina said...

How did you do the collage? We have been given 2 similar ones as gifts (one says Bosnia, the other says Italy), and I'd love to do more. Did you just choose the pics and take/send it somewhere? Or did you do the mat yourself or order it from somewhere?

Meredith said...

My in-laws got me the collage mat for either Christmas or my birthday YEARS ago. Honestly, I have no idea where they got it. Those pictures are my pictures and I just had them printed and put them in myself. I'll see if my MIL still knows where she got it.

Laura said...

omg I ordered two grab bag suits from them adn got complete and TOTAL crap. One was red w/ the canadian flag.. hey notice my mailing address is USA!, and the other was for some small university. REALLY? TOTAL CRAP!... anyway. sorry saw your cute grab bag suit and got a little agro!