Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Christmas Wish List

Here are some of the things that were on my Christmas list this year:
  • Swimsuits -- Seriously I go through swimsuits like candy. I can never have enough. I am in love with Splish because they're cute and they last a lot longer than any other swimsuits.
  • Road ID for wrist or ankle -- As a runner I've been wearing a Road ID on my shoes for years, but now that I also bike, it's time to have one on me at all the time.
  • Running socks -- My favorite socks to run in are Balega. I like the short ones with the cushioning on the achilles. Now I've tried Zulu, which is also by Balega and do not like it as much. I'm kinda picky about my running socks.
  • Rear view mirror for bike helmet -- Make fun of me if you want, but it's scary out there on the streets. Where I ride my bike involves a lot of BIG farm equipment and I want to see if coming before it scares the crap out of me! I will also be doing most of my bike riding by myself this year and I want to stay safe.
  • Energy wrist band -- Hey if it's good enough for Kara Goucher, it's good enough for me.
  • Cash -- Seriously peeps, races are expensive and owning your own business doesn't mean you're rolling in dough. I'm hoping for a little help paying for a few races.
  • Waterproof case for our camera -- I haven't mentioned this yet, but Dave and I are going on a cruise next month and will be snorkeling. It would be fun to take the camera in the water.
  • HED3 crack pipe -- Because it's hard to pump up my race tires with a regular pump.
  • Compression calf sleeves -- I'm totally torn on if I really want these or not. I consider myself an organic runner - shoes on and out the door. But, I do run mostly mid- to forefoot and my calves get tight. If I don't get these, it won't be the end of the world.
  • Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Corrector -- I have so much sun damage from baking in the sun when I was a kid. I've had many treatments to my skin but I really can't afford those anymore. I might as well try something that's a little more in my price range.
  • Gift cards -- When I'm not working out, I like to dress nice. I do own a business, after all. My favorite place to shop is The Limited. And you can never do wrong with an iTunes gift card.
  • Running tights/capris -- I only have two great pairs of winter running tights. Now that I'm training for a late winter/early spring marathon, I think I'd like to have at least one more pair. I've also been debating running capris. To be honest, I make fun of people who wear these. No self-respecting real runner would be caught dead in them. But, it would also be nice to have some for in between weather like 35 degrees. Don't publically disgrace me if you see me in them. :)
I gave this list to my mom and she said, "huh, I had a list for you already and nothing on this list matches my list." So, who knows what will be under the tree next week. Hope Santa brings all my running and triathlon friends awesome stuff next week (or already did for my Jewish friends).


Molly said...

I *just* started wearing calf compression sleeves...when I was just a runner there wasn't an issue but the stronger I get on the bike, the tighter my calves get. I'll let you know if they help!

Laura Wheatley said...

awesome post! I'm going to steal some of these ideas, I'll be posting a "christmas wish list" sometime this week too!

My Life and Running said...

I'd want anything on that list too! :) Also looking for great tights for winter running - any recs?

tri like mary said...

And now I feel all self conscious about my running capris! :-)

Meredith said...

Yes I make fun of them but notice they're also on my Christmas list. :)

Melissa C said...

Meredith- did you see my f/b post about getting a free ALC treatment through me- I put a code and website/phone in the comments? I love free, as well as sharing free, so let me know if you need me to resend you the website or code. What kind of running capris are you talking about? I am too short for most capris, so mine are wide legged high waters on me. You can laugh at those all you want. I didn't pick them out, they were a gift, but they are comfy! Underarmour makes great running tights. I picked out some pink CEP socks for myself over Thanksgiving with my mom, so she is giving me those. I am hoping they help with my ankles since my most recent sprain still bothers me from time to time, as well as get some calf benefit.

Colleen said...

Your mom sounds a lot like mine. Mine asks for a list and when I finally give it to her, she's already done with me. :)

Hope Santa's good to you!

D said...

Hmmm... I know several VERY fast ladies that wear capris in training (and somtimes in racing). The "No self-respecting real runner..." is about as inaccurate as it gets.

Kelly said...

I love my running capris. Perfect for chilly temps that aren't freezing.

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

Wow, some very reasonably priced items on that list! How have you been putting air in your HED's without the crack pipe?

Velma said...

I have been using the Clinique stuff for about a week - I will let ya know if it works!