Sunday, May 01, 2011

April Totals

Well, it happened. I didn't get all my workouts in this month. And it happened just last week. I actually had fallen behind the week before and then tried to make those workouts up last week, which caused me to be behind last week. Before I knew it the week was over and there were still FOUR workouts left. Good grief. I'd love to try to make them up this week, but the truth of the matter is, at some point you've got to let go of the workouts, move on, and be more prepared next time.

Swim - 26,200 meters (~16.38 miles)

Bike - 297.25 miles

Run - 57.59 miles (I missed a 10 mile run last week, goshdarnit!)

Strength - 2.5 hours

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Hollywood said...

You really should just leave the workout if you miss it instead of trying to cram it into your already full schedule. It's a 'type A' thing. I tried it a couple weeks ago when I missed a swim due to the holiday...and then my coach shook his finger at me... :/