Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Comedy of Errors

Saturday was my first open water swim of the year, the day before my first all-outside triathlon of the year. And well, it was a comedy of errors.

Let's start at the beginning. I am so thankful to be sponsored by TYR this year and received a lovely new wetsuit. That thing is delicate and I knew it as many of my teammates ripped theirs the first time they put it on. I did not want to make that mistake so I've been handling it like a flower. But, it seems super small compared to my previous wetsuit even though it's the same size. It took me forever to get into it.

This is the face you have to make to get the wetsuit on.

The wetsuit was on and zipped up. I made on final yank to get the crotch where it was supposed to go and BAM, it ripped in the stomach. Gosh darn it!!! Luckily the rip didn't go all the way through. I plan on fixing it this week. Error #1.

Then we headed down to the dock and watched everyone else jump in. As their heads popped out of the water there was usually a scream and then "Wow! That's cold." Great. I hate cold water.

Here I am, thinking about getting into that cold water.

I finally worked up the courage to jump in, got ready to jump, and then the klutz in me took over. My foot slipped out from under me, I went face and belly first into the water, hitting my shin on the dock along the way. I really didn't hurt myself, but looked like a complete idiot falling into the river. Error #2 What I didn't know, however, is that I hit the water so hard that my ear popped out of my swim cap which made me look even more like an idiot. And yet, no one told me! Error #3.

Nice ear.

Thanks for telling me about my ear, friends!

The swim was cold, very cold, take your breath away cold. And it was dirty. There was grass, twigs, and even logs in the river. It was good, though, to get in the river and get used to being in the open water again.

I love the new wetsuit. It felt great on my shoulders and I felt fast in the swim. But, my problems with wetsuits continue. I am allergic to rubber and despite doing all I can do to avoid it, I always wind up with a horrible rash after the fact. I am covered in rash. It's on my back, my legs, my neck, and the worst of it is on my right ankle. It itches and is just plain awful. Error #4.

Dude, that itches!!

One more error to go and that happened race morning...


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Thats what the early season races are for, to get the errors out of the system. It was good to hear you had a good race

Kim said...

oh man, i love the pictures of the ear. that is hilarious :)

M said...

Ok, the ear thing is kind of cute! ha!

Betsy said...

Ha. I had to laugh at your ear sticking out of the swim cap :) can't wait to hear more about the errors. And the race!

Melissa C said...

I am so sorry that you made all those mistakes, but you did make me laugh! LOVE the ear. I hope you do find a way to wear a wetsuit without a reaction. Swimming pools tend to give me eczema all winter long and it SUCKS, so I totally feel for you.

Colleen said...

Oh my gosh, I'm seriously laughing so hard. I didn't even notice that your ear was out. And if I had seen you fall off the dock, I probably would have died. Those pictures are classic! :)

Hollywood said...

I saw the slip and lifeguard in me kicked in until you came up laughing. And I totally noticed your ear and wondered why you had it out. Just makes it even funnier now