Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"I" Week

When I pledged a sorority in college, the week you are inducted, you must go through "I" Week, initiation week, hell week. I've reached that point in my training. The half ironman is done. Recovery week is over. Welcome to "I" week/month/quarter. In this case "I" stands for ironman.

Forget about fixing your hair, wearing makeup, or wearing normal clothes for the next three months. And you better hope that house is clean now because it will not be touched again until the middle of September. It's now about hyper-organization, long hours, longer workouts, eating around the clock, sleeping any chance you get, ice baths, and emotional roller coasters.

"I" week started with a 14 mile run yesterday, a 3500 meter swim this morning, and will conclude later in the week with a 4-1/2 hour bike, with a lot of stuff between now and then. And next week, well, next week is just scary.

So if you don't hear from me in the next three months, you know where I am. I am in the pool, on the roads, hitting the trails, or sitting in a tub of ice. And I can't believe I'm going to say this...I'm giddy with excitement! This year I'm going to be inducted. I've gone through two years of hell, have ridden every roller coaster of emotions, and this year my lifelong goal of becoming an ironman will be achieved. Welcome to "I" week Mer. It's going to be a great ride.


M said...

Sending you lots of good vibes, and I look forward to hearing about your adventures along the way!

Patty said...

Good luck as you begin your journey! I hope to read about it eventually because "one of these days" I want to compete in an Ironman too!

Betsy said...

Your I week starts with my T week! I'll transfer all my Ironman training mojo to you cause I won't be needing it the rest of this summer!!!

Melissa said...

You have an awesome plan. You are very focused. Thanks for the tip. I'm also grearing up to tran for LP 2012 but don't start that training for a while. Still, it's such a huge committment you have to "see what you can get away with". and I am sure I can "get away" with no makeup and no hair dues for 6 months. I'm sure!! lol.
Are you doing IMFL???

flyrunner said...

Good luck with your training!!

Beccah said...

You can do it! No expectations. You got this!