Thursday, June 09, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Wow! It's been a long time since I've done a Thursday Thoughts. If you're new or don't remember what Thursday Thoughts is all about. Basically, I ask a question and you answer it in the comments. Not that difficult. Now on with it....

I hate to make decisions. Any decisions. What to have for dinner? What workouts to do? When to do my workouts? Etc., etc. When it comes to big decisions, I'm a mess. Deciding to quit gymnastics when I was a teenager just about killed me. It took a full year to make that decision. This week I had to make a big decision. It was a lose-lose situation and I've really wrestled with it. Finally last night, the decision HAD to be made. I decided not to attend my sister's upcoming wedding. I feel HORRIBLE about it! But, it's in the middle of the week and it's a destination wedding and it's in the middle of my busiest month for photo boothing. Plus, she, supposedly, is doing a celebration here for those who couldn't attend so I would definitely go to that. I don't feel good about the decision I made, but I don't think I would feel good if I had decided it the other way.

So, do you struggle with decisions? What type of decisions make you feel conflicted? What was your hardest decision to make?


M said...

The one about your wedding sounds like a tough one - but the middle of the week thing seems like a difficult hurdle to overcome.

I'm fine making big decisions most times - I've made some really bad ones in my life but have lived to tell the tale. The fact that I have royally screwed up and survived actually helped me learn to make decisions. I know I'll be fine no matter what. I'll always find a way. the tough ones come in though when it's around family. Those are the ones I still struggle with!!!

Colleen said...

I know that was a tough one, but it sounds like you made the right one. When people choose destinations, they have to understand that people can't drop everything and come. Where is she getting married?

Um... I suck at decision making. I would much rather someone just tell me what to do. Sad... but true!

Andrea said...

The hardest decision I had to make was getting divorced. I think we both wanted it but only I had the guts to say it.

I am also struggling right now with the "what am I going to do with the rest of my life"?? The decision to move in with my boyfriend and move to another town.

Being an adult sometimes sucks.

Betsy said...

The hardest part of making big decisions for me is figuring out what I want to do and what I think people want/expect me to do and deciding which to follow. Especially when I feel like the right decision for me will be the unpopular one - which maybe was the case here???

Patty said...

I am horrible with decisions and the worst part is that I usually put off making the decision until it is uncomfortably too late. Usually I procrastinate to avoid hurting people's feelings. I'm working on that though!

Assistant said...

Great Thursday Thoughts question... decisions are hard for everyone, no matter what the details are. So thanks for sharing, I'm sure missing the wedding was extremely tough. How did she take it?

I think the hardest decision for me was deciding if I wanted to stay and live in Europe or come back home.. I'm home and am confident in this decision.