Friday, June 17, 2011

Just the Facts, Ma'am

Due to the forecasted weather for tomorrow, I was forced to do my long bike ride today. Here's a few fun facts about today's ride.
  • I rode for 4-1/2 hours today. That's longer than any marathon I've ever run.
  • I took 5 bathroom breaks. It's sad to say but the gas station bathroom was as disgusting as any port-a-john I've used (except for the ones at Reach the Beach 2007).
  • I averaged 16.2 mph for this ride which is about 1 mph faster than last year for the same distance. What a difference a year makes!
  • While on the ride I drank 5 bottles of First Endurance sports drink and I also drank 2 bottles of water, ate 3 servings of Gu Chomps, had 4 servings of First Endurance EFS Liquid Gel, and consumed 9 salt tabs. It would have been 10 except I dropped my last one on the road. I also had 2 Advil halfway through the ride.
  • My average heart rate for the ride was 142 which is on the cusp of zone 1/zone 2.
  • The wind seemed to be coming out of every direction. Okay, that's not a fact, but it sure seemed like it. Looking out my window right now, the wind is out of the south.
  • Number of phone calls I received while on the bike? One. My mom.
  • The song that ran through my head the entire ride was Avalon's "My Jesus, I love thee."
  • Number of bugs that hit me in the face during the ride? N+1. That's for all my math geek friends. :)
I also ran 15 minutes (1.75) miles off the bike. Overall I'd say it was a great (and fun) ride/run. Next week, I'll tack on another half hour to this ride. I wonder what "facts" can come from next week's adventures?

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Colleen said...

YAY! Congrats on a great ride Meredith. The improvements you are seeing on the bike are amazing! :) You are going to kick butt this year!