Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Operation: New Treadmill

We have a workout room, a pain cave if you will, in our basement.  It's stripped down and basic with no walls, lots of dust, and is poorly lit.  In it we have exercise equipment: TRX, weight bench, bikes and trainers, and a treadmill.  We also have an old TV with a TiVO and DVD player.  Our treadmill we bought off of a friend for $75.  It's ummm...old and beyond it's life, really.  It has lost it's ability to incline.  It doesn't have buttons, only sliders that get you close to a speed.  The belt of the treadmill is all stretched out too, so now matter what speed you choose, as long as you take tiny steps, you're always going faster.  Sure, it's got its flaws, but it has worked for us.  Here's a picture of the screen of it from the crazy 20 miler I did on it last year.  Notice the toggle for the incline.

As my time as a triathlete (at least for now) has come to a close I've made some decisions. (1) I've gone back to running and only running and have absolutely loved it. I've been surprised to see my times dropped and I love not having a racing schedule or a big race to focus on, at least for now. (2) I have completely lost any interest in biking or swimming.  I have not put on a swimsuit, swim cap, or goggles since October and definitely do not want to.  (3) I have decided to quit my gym, Lifetime, after being a member there since 2004.

Where does this lead?

I want a new treadmill.

And not just any treadmill.  I want one of those new, awesome ones that not only inclines but DECLINES and is WiFi enabled where you can put in specific routes and the treadmill will adjust for the route (like a bike computrainer).  I've researched and found that these fancy treadmills are about $1200.  No small amount of change!  So, I'm keeping track of my savings and will be using the savings from my gym membership to add to this.  And notice that I've added my new savings widget on the side.

Operation: New Treadmill, commence!


Jeff Irvin said...

Which TM model you thinking about?

Was sort of thinking about one myself but the only place we could put it would be in the master and am guessing the wifey would not approve.

Such decisions!

Jess @ THIR said...

I so want to turn part of my garage into a gym... but treadmills are the death of me...

Melissa C said...

I can't wait for you to get a new treadmill! How exciting! I need to use the gym ones these days due to the kiddos needing to be watched, but I imagine there will be a day when I don't need the daycare and can finally get my own treadmill too! Maybe you will be ready for yet another new one by then, and I can buy yours!

a runners' life said...

It would be so handy to have a treadmill at home, then there's almost no excuse not to fit in a scheduled run :)

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I love this idea. Or the idea of saving up for something by cutting out something else. I cut out Starbucks a few years ago and saved up enough for a vacation.

Did you really run 20 miles on the TM!?