Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Races, Races, and More Races

Saturday afternoon I said to Dave, "You know, it wouldn't take much convincing to get me to do the Rev3 Cedar Point half ironman", a sentiment he had stated earlier in the week. By the end of the day I had talked myself into a full ironman and by Sunday morning I had talked Dave into it doing it with me. Over breakfast I was a mess. I was crying and already doubting my abilities to finish the race. Still I found myself later in the day cleaning my bike and preparing to ride.

Sunday evening I came to my senses. I don't want to do an ironman. I want to run!!! And run FAST!!!

One of my former athletes (now, a law student) asked me to join her for a half marathon. She lives in Virginia so we decided to meet in the middle and do a half in West Virginia (a state I haven't raced in). Immediately Dave and I were in and plans have started. Training plans have started too. This is a pretty small race so I decided it was time to actually race this year and get on a solid training plan to do so. With only 9 weeks until the race, I am jumping into the "Train Less, Run Faster" plan right in the middle, but with a full month of base training last month, I am ready.

So, yesterday was Day 1 and I asked Dave to join me on the track. He hasn't been doing a whole lot of running since Houston, but was game. He was not excited, however, when I told him was the workout would be.

In case you can't read that it's: 
1 mile warmup 1 mile @ 6:49 
400m rest interval
2 miles @ 7:22 pace
800m rest interval 
2 X 800m @ 3:16 
400m rest interval in between
1 mile cool down 

Dude, we nailed it. Our 1600 was 6:43. Our 2 mile was 7:16 and 7:11. And our 800s were both 3:12s.

It's on. It's so on.


TriMOEngr said...

Yay!! I was like "Uh, WHAT?" when I read about the IM, but it all made sense as I read along. Enjoy the running!

Jamie said...

I hope you don't mind that I REALLY enjoy hearing about your roller coaster of emotions over going back to triathlons. :-)

Just funny to hear, that is all.

Stick with what makes you happy. Hop on the bike when you feel the need for a long cruise, but only when it'll make you happier than a run will.

More than 35 miles means cupcakes said...

Ouch. I couldn't do that workout right now if I tried. Go you!!!

LittleRachet said...

I literally did a facepalm after that first paragraph. :) I'm still waiting to hear if you're coming to Des Moines this fall to run with me!!