Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Power to the People!

One of our local TV stations has the worst newscast.  I try not to watch it.  I don't think their on-air personality is very professional and they constantly have typos and misspellings.  Drives me insane!  But I happened to catch the start of the news yesterday and a little surprised to see the reporter standing in my neighborhood.

She was reporting on snow plowing in Columbus, or lack thereof, and some of the neighborhoods that had not yet been done after the nearly foot of snow we received A WEEK AGO!!!  I know the reporter; she lives in the same town.  She mentioned a friend of hers who lives in our neighborhood had called her, she called the city, and the city had come out that day to plow our neighborhood.

What a bunch of crap!  Here was this reporter, standing in the middle of our very snow covered street, saying our streets had been plowed?  What kind of reporting was this?!  Yes, the city had come out that day with a truck (more like a pickup truck) but it did not have its plow down nor was it spreading any salt or anything.

The reporter also claimed that our homeowner's association was having private snow removal services done.  That was absolutely not true.

I was livid.

I immediately sent a message to the local news station.  I also went onto Facebook and complained about the state of our neighborhood street, making sure to tag our homeowner's association.

The next day our HOA put out a post on Facebook that there had been another complaint about the snow plowing in our neighborhood (I'm claiming that as my complaint).  They had called the city and filed a formal complaint about snow removal.  That afternoon the city snow plow was out and it was doing its job.  I saw them make at least three passes on the major streets: using both the plow and spreading salt.  Unfortunately, after a week of cars on top of the snow it didn't really make a huge difference as it was just tamped down, but at least they did something.

And I feel like my voice was heard.  Power to the people!

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