Monday, January 25, 2016

Confidence Booster

Although I haven't done all my workouts this month (still trying), I've been pretty consistent.  It's stupid-cold outside but I've still gotten my butt to the pool.  And I've even gotten outside to do at least half of my runs (the other half are on the treadmill).  I've been feeling fit and was somewhat excited to do my run test yesterday.

Dave too had a run test, so we got my mom to watch the kiddo and we were able to head to the track together.  Our workouts weren't exactly the same but close enough that we could do them together.  We started with an easy warmup, built pace for a few minutes, and did some quick pickups/sprints.  Then, it was go time!

My workout was 2 miles as hard as I could go.  Dave's was 20 minutes all out.  We started together but didn't stay together.  I was in my head; he was doing his thing.  With my new Garmin 225 and it's wrist-based heart rate and the fact it was only 20 degrees outside, I kept the watch buried unable to see how well or poorly I was doing.  All I knew is that it was hard and that's what I was supposed to be doing.  When the watch beeped at one mile I looked down and saw a 6:40.  Holy shit!  I haven't hit those kind of paces in a long time.  I tucked the watch back into my sleeve and kept on trucking.  I was suffering but making things work.  I was counting down the 100s.  I was counting numbers.  I was singing songs.  I was doing anything to keep the suckiness out of my head.  Finally I hit the two mile mark - 6:50 for the second mile.  Hot damn!  All this hard work is paying off!

I was quite pleased with the way my test went and I think coach was too.  We set new heart rate zones and she gave me specific paces I will use in future workouts.  My next race is coming up in a few weeks and I'm hoping it's a big PR party.


middleagedrunner said...

Nice job! That's a super fast run, especially when it is stupid cold out...

Carina said...

Woo-hoo! We all knew the work would pay off, glad to see it!