Friday, January 01, 2016

New Year's Swim

Why not start the new year off with something epic?  Usually I race a 5K, but this year I wanted to do an epic swim.  Originally I had hatched a plan with my coworkers for 100x100.  After a conversation with coach and my coworkers, we decided none of us were ready for that.  I've been training A LOT, but not enough for that.  So we decided on 50x100. 

I suck at GoPro selfies.  2016 goal.

I did mine earlier than my friends as I had to work while they were swimming theirs.  I did mine in sets of five with every fifth one as either backstroke or kick.  Then every other set I used toys - pull with paddles or swim with fins.  The first 25 seemed to take forever.  Twenty-five to 40 weren't so bad.  The last 10 hurt.  My arms were on FIRE!  
I still want to do 100x100 sometime.  I'll keep training and keep my coworkers swimming too and then maybe we'll tackle it again in a few months.  

Did you do anything epic to kick off 2016?

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Carina said...

I'm not a swimmer, but that sounds like such a cool workout, even to do while running, though I'm definitely not a 100 runner. I can't even imagine trying to keep count. Happy 2016!