Sunday, January 03, 2016

Week in Review

Last week was a pretty good week.  I got in all my swims and all my runs, but missed a few strength workouts.  Each week I'm getting closer and closer to putting it all together.  Will next week be the one?

Swimming - 9600 yards ~ 5.5 miles
I would have loved to have gotten in one more swim to get in over 10,000 yards.  It wasn't on the calendar and there wasn't time.  I did do one epic swim.  You can read about it here

Running - 22.7 miles
I've gotten soft in my old age.  I used to love running outside in the cold.  Now I'd rather just suck it up on the treadmill.  I did four runs last week and only one was outside.  And it was not my long run.  I also have limited child care options and don't love to run in the dark so the treadmill is my best option to do my runs anyway.

Strength Training - 0.25 hours
I think I had four workouts on the schedule and only did one.  This one was important though as there was some hip strength to it.  I'm still working on recovering from my injury.

Picture of the Day:

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Val said...

One of the best pictures of 2016, I bet! =D