Monday, December 26, 2005

Key West

Okay, we've been back a week, but it's been a busy week so sorry about posting so late about our trip.

Key West was a good vacation. It was relaxing and warm and a nice getaway. So much to tell, but I'm just gonna go over the basics.

Our flight out of Columbus was delayed two hours. Not a big deal to us because we were on the same plane all the way to Key West but everyone else seemed to very antsy. There were lots of kids on that was going to Orlando...and there were lots of people wearing Mickey Mouse ears.

When we got to Key West we were a little overwhelmed. We had barely gotten there and we were being accused of dropping a plastic picnic cup on somebody's car. It flew off of the balcony above ours and we were the only one on our balcony so the people made an assumption. It was really stupid. I'm sure Dave will talk more about that in his blog. He's a better storyteller. We were also unaware of the Bourbon Street nature of Duval Street in Key West. We're not heavy partiers so it came as a big surprise. We also saw two men pee outside their car right in Mallory Square. This was all on our first night. Needless to say, we were a little shell-shocked.

The next morning I got up and went for a small run. It was nice to just go out and see some of the boats and Navy yards and Mallory Square. It wasn't until after I got back from my run that we discovered a huge cruise ship right outside our window.

We went down to see the cruise ship a little closer and discovered another cruise ship docked right behind it. I love boats, so I just loved seeing these huge vessels. In total, we saw 5 cruise ships during our few days in Key West. We got to see two leave and one dock. They're just an engineering marvel. Here's a picture of me eating the Disney cruise ship.

There are A LOT of roosters and chickens running all around Key West. The first morning we went to breakfast at Blue Heaven and the roosters just hang out under your feet there. I have a fear of birds, but the roosters were so friendly that they didn't bother me.

We walked down to the Southernmost Point in the continental United States during our trip to breakfast.

The rest of that first day we went swimming (outside!), got some ice cream, watched the street performers in Mallory Square and watched the sunset. We had dinner at Kelley's, which if ever go to Key West you should definitely go and eat there. I had a delicious apple chicken and Dave had some kind of pork chops. They were to die for.

The next day we rented bikes and rode around the entire island. We saw the beach, Hemingway's house, the lighthouse, and lots more boats including the Coast Guard boats. When we rode over by the airport a jet flew right over us onto the runway. It scared the crap out of me. I had a terrible bike. The seat fell all the way down about every ten minutes.

We really wanted to go snorkeling while we were in Key West, but it was cloudy our second day and we had heard there wasn't great visibility because of hurricane Wilma still. Maybe next time. It was a short trip but we really enjoyed going during the low season. It was relaxing, it was warm, and it was just nice to get away.


Flatman said...

Great trip...glad you guys had fun!

Andrea said...

Love the pic of you eating the ship!