Sunday, December 11, 2005

Oh yeah, I forgot tell you about the cool thing I got this week. I got me a heart rate monitor. Haven't the foggiest how to use it, but my heart beats and it records and somehow it should make me a better runner.

Technically the training for Boston is supposed to start tomorrow. The plan is to follow the Pfitzinger 55/18 plan, but it's hard to do speedwork since it's been snowing since Thanksgiving. I could do it on the treadmill but I don't know. That takes a lot of planning. I might just try to work my way up to 40-50 miles comfortably in a week and include swimming and spinning just for variety.

I got an official offer from the healthcare company on Friday. It's exception pay for a temporary position but I'm really hesistant to sign on the dotted line. They can't guarantee me a position when the job is done and I don't think the work would be very challenging once the initial analysis is completed. I am supposed to find out about another job tomorrow and I really have my fingers crossed for that one. The temp job wants me to sign tomorrow and start on Tuesday. I need more time than that!!! Here's hoping for the permanent job.

I'll let you know what happens, hopefully, tomorrow.


Andrea said...

if you bring me that weight training book, I'll bring you "heart monitor training for the compleat idiot" next week!

yeah I think I'm just going to concentrate on miles.. the speed stuff is just too hard in this weather!

Flatman said...

Good luck deciding on the employment stuff!

jessie_tri_mn said...

I love using a heart rate monitor this time of year (aka base training).

I do most of my runs right now at an aerobic level and without a hr monitor, I'd never be a good judge of effort (usually go out too fast)

Good luck with the job!