Thursday, December 01, 2005

What's up with all the nakedness...

...And talking? Why do women at the gym find it their responsibility to talk to me when they are completely naked? I'm not comfortable with that! I was getting ready to go for a run and this woman is going on and on about my asthma and that I should move to Florida to get rid of my allergies and on and on. Just change and get the heck out of the locker room!!!

Yep I've been at the gym this week. I have done some running, some swimming, and some yoga. He he he! I tried yoga and was terrible at it. Twice the instructor came over and fixed my poses. I didn't see her doing that to anyone else. I'm not sure I'll try yoga again. Tonight I'm going to try to make it to spinning class.

My sister ended her pregnancy yesterday and she seems to be doing okay with it. My mom and my grandmother are a different story. Mom cried when she saw the baby's footprints and I guess my grandmother was sobbing when mom told her the surgery was complete (over the phone). Amy and Rob named the baby Lola and will be cremating her this week. She will be buried next to my grandfather and uncle. I think Lola would have been eclectic and a bit of a free spirit (the complete opposite of her sister). I'm hoping to buy Amy and Rob some yellow daisies that would represent Lola. Amy's been really brave and I'm proud of her.

I've got two interviews tomorrow for two different positions. Here's hoping it leads to something. I've been home seven weeks now and it's so boring.

Talk to you soon!


jeff said...

our condolences to your sister and her family. and it's too bad about the name change, too. i've been humming lola by the kinks ever since reading your post.

good luck with the interviews today!

Brit said...

Wow what a hard week you are all having. OUr thoughts are with you and your sister.