Wednesday, November 01, 2006

October Totals

For the month of October:

Running: 104.45 Miles
Swimming: 2000 yards

Now that the marathon is over, I'd like to increase my swimming yardage and I'd also like to get back to doing some spinning (maybe) and yoga (maybe). My schedule is pretty busy and now that I'm tackling the 365 Days art project it's hard to find any more time to add activities. That being said, my gym I currently go to is adding a second location in Columbus and it's going to be really close to work. I should be able to swim or do yoga on my lunch hour or before work. I think the second location is set to open in early 2007.

Have a good first day of November!


Flatman said...

My dream is to ba able to work out or run at lunch. But alas, my building has no shower and my gym is too far away to drive, workout, shower and drive back in one hour...

lucky you!

jessie_tri_mn said...

I have the fortune to swim during my lunch hours and I absolutely love it! Whats more fun is showing back up to work with wet hair and smelling of chlorine.