Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Why do I waste my time? (And other stuff)

One of my guilty pleasures is reality TV. I try to stop, but it's so darn addicting. But, at the conclusion of each of these reality shows, I seem to never be satisfied with the outcome. Why do I waste my time?

I have to admit, I watched this last Bachelor. Not because I wanted to; but more because it was hilarious and I really thought this one was real (I am so stupid). And after watching the two hour season finale last night, I was severely disappointed. He didn't choose my girl. She lost and I lost.


In other news...I might actually start running soon. I've run a whopping 35 miles since the marathon. I just haven't been in the mood. But now that I've gained a solid 5 pounds and the pants are starting to not fit again, I think it's time to get my lazy, large ass out on the pavement and burn some calories.

And finally, a certain significant other of mine is having a very large birthday in a week (THIRTY!!!!) and I am a little short of gift ideas. Anybody got any brilliant ideas? Anything you got for birthdays that you just loved? Any help is appreciated. :)


Flatman said...


Andrea said...

I had been thinking of something fencing-related for him?

ha, and of course, he can read this, can't he??? :-/

Once I start feeling better I definitely want to get out running again!! I'm going stir-crazy!

Jason said...

About the weight gain...well, none of us wanted to say it to you directly... :)

And now about the birthday present, don't worry: you still have over four months to think of something. My birthday's not till March.

Jason said...

Oh wait....that significant other...