Monday, January 28, 2008

It's All About the Benjamins

Today marks 12 weeks until the Boston Marathon. I have a hard time staying motivated in my training so I usually reward myself by purchasing something each month I complete all my miles. In the two years since I started following a stricter training plan, I have only rewarded myself once. It's a variety of excuses: life gets in the way, I get sick, the miles are too much for this body to handle.

This year I'm changing it up a bit. I am going to reward myself for each run completed. Each week is worth $10, and since I only run five days a week, that breaks down to $2 per run. So, for each run I complete in my training, I get to $2 towards something for myself.

Dave doesn't like this idea. He thinks it is giving me permission to skip runs. I get that, however, I have a hard time when it comes to the end of the week and I've already done, like, 40 miles and I have another 10 miler to go and I just can't handle it. Therefore, I don't have to throw away the good runs I have already done that week.

I've started off today well. I got up early and completed 4 of 6 miles on the treadmill before Dave even crawled out of bed. After work today (today is my first day at the new job), I will complete the other two miles and reward myself $2. :)

Happy running, friends!


Dave said...

"Before Dave even crawled out of bed"...makes me sound bad. You forgot the part that I forgot to set my alarm. :)

Marcus Grimm said...

Incentive is good...
How about paying yourself for every run AND adding a bonus if you make a whole week?


Dave said...

And at $2 a run, shouldn't it be all about the Washingtons?

Anonymous said...

What a great idea!

Also, that's great about the Boston Marathon. I hear you had to have a certain time, or am I thinking of another one, to be qualified? It's funny, I read it this morning - katie holmes is running it and her time was a little under 5:30 for the ING Marathon. BUT of course, you know how celebrities do. they always get the exception. (that was followed by how they make some hefty donations).

Good Luck!

IM Able said...

I have a suggestion -- since missing a run can often put us back more than we'd like to admit, maybe making the "penalty" for missing larger than the reward to hitting. E.g., For each missed run, you loose $6 -- or the equivalent of the last three you finished. Just a thought!

Val said...

Wow- IM Able! That sounds fierce! Hehe. Good idea!

Now you gotta tell us all about day one of the new job =)