Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Yogi Bear

Back when I was a gymnast, I was really flexible. Shoot, I could wrap myself into a human pretzel. Ever since I started running, though, my hamstrings and other tendons have just gotten shorter and shorter. Now a days, I can barely sit cross-legged without a little bit of pain. I know improving my flexibility will help my running, so I've decided to do something about it this year. I've decided to give yoga a chance.

Two years ago when I was unemployed I went to yoga twice a week. At the gym I belong to, it's called Fitness Yoga. What I like about Fitness Yoga is that you don't hold the poses and fluidly go through a dancy/stretchy routine. Now I'm taking Fitness Yoga with a different instructor and she is into tranditional yoga.

And let me tell you, I SUCK AT IT!

Maybe it's because I run four miles before I hit the mat and I'm a little bit worn out. Maybe because I have the concentration of a two year old. Maybe it's because I am severly out of shape right now. But all excuses aside, I am going to keep on trying.


ninjamarathonman said...

Hey, I'm a fairly new Columbus area runner and I stumbled across your site.

I love your header.

As for yoga, my x-c coach in high school always used to say the more flexible you are, the faster you are, so good luck with a return to form.

Val said...

My mom swears by yoga. She just loves it. I'm with you- I have no concentration. Stick with it, though, and maybe that will come... keep us posted!