Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday Things I Shouldn't Admit

Near my parents' home (and kinda near my home) there is a reservoir that's the water source for all of Columbus. It's a man-made reservoir and it's pretty big. There are several parks that surround the reservoir and then there are also some places to "park."

When I was in high school I was friends with many guys. And they were pretty typical guys...doing bad things, getting in trouble, causing trouble. I'm not quite sure why my mom let me hang out with them. One of them drove a jeep and on his jeep was a police flood light and he even had an intercom like a police car. I would often ride along in the jeep, go down to the dam, and we would use the flood light and intercom to totally bust people for getting it on in the back of their cars.

One of the cars we pulled up to one time had all the windows steamed up and looked like a great one to bust. So we did our thing. Lo and behold the couple gets out of there and it was a girl we went to school with. Even worse, I was on the tennis team with her. After that embaressing encounter, I didn't go "hunting" again.

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Jason said...

Oh, so that was YOU shining that spotlight in my car!!!! I couldn't see you because my windows were so steamed up and, of course, that spotlight blinded me.